FAQ: RetaiL

Advertisements are projected on to glass through a projector, which is purchased from a projection company.

You’ll need:

  1. Smart Glass provided by Gauzy. 
  2. Projector (third party). 
  3. Content distribution software (third party).

Content distribution software is available through a third party.

Yes – projection films can be active and passive. For glass walls and partitions that never require privacy, passive projection films are most suitable.

Definitely. Projection films can be laminated into new glass or retrofitted onto existing glass in a variety of sizes, transforming store fronts and displays.

Transparent displays are displays that can become transparent, reverting to regular glass.

Laminated or retrofit Smart Glass can be used in a store. Retrofit films can be applied to existing store fronts. If you’re building a new store, laminated is better suited.

Storefronts, in-store partitions, dressing rooms, check out counters.

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