Smart Glass Sample Kit

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Experience Gauzy’s world-leading Smart Glass technology for yourself with our Sample Kit. Perfect for those new to Smart Glass looking to see how it works or for veterans looking for a sleek tool to show clients. Gauzy’s compact Sample Kit allows you to easily demonstrate how Smart Glass looks and works, anytime and anywhere. 

gauzy sample kit
gauzy sample kit

Key Specifications

• Input Power: 5V DC
• Power consumption: 320 m/A
• Weight: 2.3 kg/5 lbs
• Mode: On/Off
• Dimensions: 34 x 7.5 x 28.2 cm (W D H)

See Smart Glass in "Off" and "On" states


Smart Glass for office in "off" state


"We have partnered with Gauzy on a number of projects for dynamic partitions in offices of all sizes. Gauzy's LCG® has the best clarity, is unprecedented in terms of innovation with so many different offerings (like custom patterns and dark grey), and they give great customer service. Their technology is easy to integrate with our partition systems and always leaves our customers wow'ed by the finished product"