FAQs: Smart Glass Technical Information

Smart Glass includes a film interlayer that is either laminated or retrofitted onto glass. This switchable film interlayer consists of a PDLC formulation, or an SPD emulsion, that is coated between two sheets of transparent materials that each have an ITO conductive coating.

The appearance of haze can be dependent on the lamination process or lighting conditions. External lighting factors, the lamination process and the angle at which you view Smart Glass can change the level of haze, as can the type of Smart Glass product. Gauzy LCG® Smart Glass products have the lowest level of haze in the market. The minimum haze for White LCG® can be as low as 2.5%.

The widths of Smart Glass films vary based on different product lines. Gauzy’s widest films are 1.8m (5.9ft) wide. Our films are available in rolls (up to 40m/131ft long) or cut to fit sheets with custom busbar positioning.

Numerous types of adhesive inter layers can be used to laminate LC or SPD films. These include: 

  • PVB
  • EVA
  • TPU
  • SGP

Please contact Gauzy for a list of approved interlayers.

Numerous types of adhesive intern layers can be used to laminate LC or SPD films. These include: 


  • PVB
  • EVA
  • TPU
  • STP 
  • UA

Yes! SPD and LC technologies can be laminated with polycarbonate instead of glass.

Only approved silicones can be used. Please contact Gauzy for a list of materials.

Yes, both PDLC and SPD Smart Glass technology blocks up to 99% of UV light. By blocking UV light, Gauzy can protect the following from harmful UV rays: 

  • Skin
  • Fading of materials

Yes, SPD and PDLC can be laminated together for a complete privacy and shading solution.

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