SPD stands for Suspended Particle Device. SPD is coated between two pieces of PET to create an interlayer which is laminated into glass.

SPD changes transparency for dynamic shading when electricity is applied. When in the off state, molecules randomly scatter creating opaque glass. When on, the molecules align making the glass transparent.

Yes. SPD Smart Glass is available in a variety of shapes and sizes, making it an ideal application for projects across a diverse range of industries.

Yes! SPD allows dynamic shading, therefore, light can enter or be blocked from a space. Utilizing natural light reduces lighting and heating costs, and blocking light mitigates HVAC consumption, ultimately improving energy ratings and efficiency.

Gauzy SPD is powered with Gauzy’s patented SPD controllers. The end user can operate Smart Glass using wall-mounted touch panels, motion sensors, remote control, smart home/smart office systems or other custom options.

Although SPD blocks up to 99% of light, it does not become fully opaque. As such, SPD is idea for creating shade whilst still allowing you to have a view of the outdoors.

It depends on who manufacturers the SPD Smart Glass and if it can be cut-to-fit architectural size windows. Gauzy is the only manufacturer of SPD with widths that accommodate architectural size windows.

SPD Smart Glass can block up to 99% of light when fully tinted. Therefore it’s an ideal replacement to curtains and shade and can reduce glare.

Gauzy’s unique dimming controllers allow for various levels of light distribution to be controlled. This makes it the ideal replacement for tradition shading systems such as blinds.

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