PDLC Switchable Smart Film

Gauzy is the world leader in PDLC smart film technology

Gauzy is the world leader in the development and manufacturing of Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal (PDLC) Smart Film technology. Our technology allows smart film to change from transparent to varying degrees of opaque on demand for privacy, custom shading, solar control, and transparent displays in the spaces where you spend your time most.

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Dynamic Privacy

Complete privacy or transparency when you need and want it most

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Temperature Control

Solar Control LC reflects IR light that creates heat, making spaces cooler & greener

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Custom Designs

Patterned blinds and custom shapes upgrade rooms and common spaces for unique interiors designs

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Transparent Displays

Transform any window into a movie screen with rear-projection display

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PDLC Switchable Film allows any glass to instantly become smart glass. Installed by qualified professionals, smart films work just like regular laminated smart glass

Key Specifications

  • Ultra low haze: avg. 2.5%
  • UV Blocking: 99%
  • Minimal energy consumption: avg. 3w/m²
  • Operating Voltages: 42-70VAC
  • Switching Times: 10ms
  • Max Width: 1.8m (5.9ft) wide
  • Standard or custom shapes with holes, notches
  • Compatible Glass Types: Annealed, Tempered, Clear, Low Iron/Ultra Clear, IG Units, other
  • Indoor and outdoor grades available
  • Rolls or C2F sheets for professionals
  • Compatible with PVB, EVA, TPU, SGP interlayers
  • Custom laser-etched patterns available

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Turn Smart Glass Film off and on


Electric Switchable Smart Glass


Smart Film

How PDLC Smart Film Works

PDLC Smart glass technology is an active glass technology that switches states with electricity. The unique particles or molecules inside our films scatter or align as films are turned on and off, allowing for opacity or transparency.

Example of PDLC film in its
When off, particles are scattered creating opacity for privacy.

Gauzy’s wall mounted Touch Panels and RF Remotes offer versatile control of smart glass to suit the needs of every user, providing:​

  • Control of single or multiple glasses and segments​
  • Remotes with long range RF control up to 30m/98ft
  • On/off and dimming functionalities
  • WIFI enabled for easy syncing with automation system like Alexa and Google Home​
  • Sleek & Modern Design with a clean finish
  • Available as remote only, or touch panels + remotes

*Touch Panels – US only ; Remotes – Global

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Smart Film Options

gauzy retrofit window


White PDLC Films provide a clean, natural, and aesthetic switchable glass solution, allowing privacy when you need it, and an open atmosphere when you want it

gauzy grey window


Dark PDLC Films support advanced architectural and interior design strategies, and are applicable across all industries and applications, including automotive and aeronautics  

gauzy blinds window


Laser patterning with non-visible lines support blinds or custom designs for a dynamic and sophisticated privacy and light-control solution that replaces traditional shutters

gauzy window


Active and Passive Projection films allow HD displays to become transparent for 100% utilization of windows, as LCG® switches from transparent to opaque

gauzy high temp window


Outdoor grade high-temperature products maintain full optical and mechanical performance in extreme temperatures ranging from -30°C  to +90°C

gauzy solar control window


Reflecting 78% of IR light, temperatures within a space can be reduced by up to 15°C, making buildings more green with reduced HVAC costs


The switchable glass feature was an unique feature in our rooms as it fits into the contemporary and elegant design of our rooms and added a fun touch for our guests. The Gauzy team also displayed commitment, dedication and professionalism during the installation and provided excellent after-care services.

Suffian – Oakwood Premier Singapore

Our new office featurse Premium Dark Grey Gauzy LCG®, butt-glazed from floor to ceiling, with dimming functions that make the office spaces agile. Our team and clients who visit agree it adds a luxurious feel. The Gauzy team was there from start to finish to ensure a smooth installment.

Hernan – MG3

The switchable glass feature was a unique feature in our rooms. It showed our amazing Epson projectors capabilities for our guests. The Gauzy team also displayed commitment, dedication and professionalism during the installation and after sale process. I always advise my customers to combine our projectors with Gauzy Switchable Glass at their office and their outsource multimedia projects.

Avi – Epson


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Smart Film FAQ

Questions and Answers

Yes. Gauzy offers both films for lamination by fabricators, and a wet adhesive retrofit film, allowing any piece of existing glass to become LCG®.

Gauzy smart films can turn from completely opaque to completely transparent and the other way around in less than 0.1 seconds

Gauzy is the only provider of completely optimized LC films suitable for outdoor use. Our High-Temp LCG® and Solar Control LCG® are well suited for outdoor conditions.

Gauzy PDLC consumes low voltage and low power consumption. the product is driven by our patented controllers LCG® which consumes on average 3 Watt/m2.

Yes. Gauzy’s Solar LCG® products reflects IR light, therefore reducing temperatures inside a building by up to 15 degrees C, making cooling systems consume less energy. 10 sqm of our transparent displays systems consumes less than 1 LED bulb, making advertising more polite and ecofriendly.

Gauzy offers competitive pricing on all our PDLC products. Contact us for a quote today.