Gauzy develops, manufactures, and markets a diverse range of products for different types of vehicles across the automotive industry.

Our advanced automotive light and vision control technologies, including smart glass and ADAS solutions, are in serial production with leading brands, and are delivered as a tier 1 or 2 depending on the end market. ​

Gauzy is working with leading OEM’s and Tier 1 suppliers to integrate our technology through a system based approach. Instant shading and solar reflection eliminates road glare and mitigates interior temperatures while providing manufactures a solution that reduces material costs, optimizes space, and saves energy.  


Dynamic Shading

Instantly dimming windows block up to 99% of light eliminating glare and heat that disrupts drivers and passengers

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Transparent Displays

Optimize vehicle windows to display time and location based ads that appear and disappear for drive ready windows

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Temperature Control

Reflect IR light with Solar Control LC that keeps interiors cool, reducing energy intake while also allowing privacy

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Solar Control

SPD or outdoor grade Solar Control LC allow windows to shade, and reflect heat for a shaded and cooler interior

Just Revealed at CES Las Vegas 2023
BMW i Vision Dee with Gauzy

Transportation Sectors We Service


Passenger Cars

LCG® smart glass supports glare mitigation, thermal comfort, interior protection, and dynamic displays through active glazed sunroofs, windshields, backlites, passenger windows, and interior dividers ​​  


LCG® smart glass and traditional shading for commercial and private aircrafts with management systems supporting ambiance, comfort, acoustic control, and safety

ADAS Systems

Truck, Bus, Coach

Safety Tech ADAS products include camera and motion based sensors, next-gen mirrors, and safety doors for public transport operators create safer driving environments


IGU windows with SPD or exterior PDLC replaces fabric privacy and shading solutions with modern, easy to clean alternatives in side windows, or panoramic vistadome glazing


Enjoy sky and ocean views with blocking views while mitigating glare and heat in unique shapes windows with SPD, or interior bathroom enclosures with PDLC


A top provider of cockpit shading for commercial and passenger helicopters, LCG® smart glass blocks glare and neutralizes color for safer flying and comfortable passenger viewing

Transportation Agriculture Smart Glass


Agricultural and construction vehicles utilize LCG® and ADAS camera systems for full visibility, shading, and spatial awareness while working in the field

safety tech smart vision truck

Visit Gauzy’s Safety Tech unit to learn about our ADAS, CMS, and Driver Protection Barrier products for Trucks, Buses, Coaches, Agro vehicles and more

Gauzy SPD smart glass headlights for BMWi Vision Circular Showcar