Revolutionizing Patient Care and Privacy: Smart Film Technology at St. George Surgical Center

At the St. George Surgical Center, Gauzy was selected to help enhance patient care and privacy in the ICU’s and Surgery Observation rooms. Thanks to our smart film technology, we have transformed these spaces to be more dynamic and efficient, while ensuring the utmost comfort and convenience for the patients and medical staff.

Jones Paint and Glass installed our LCG® PDLC smart film over an impressive area of 285 square feet. The film can be electronically controlled using wall switches and nurse station switches, allowing for seamless transitions between transparent and opaque states.

The sliding glass partitions were chosen for their practicality and flexibility, and the smart film incorporated into the glass remains operational whether the doors are open or closed, providing dynamic privacy and convenience for patients and staff.

With this state-of-the-art smart film installation, the St. George Surgical Center demonstrates its commitment to embracing innovative technology to create a more patient-centered and efficient healthcare environment. We are proud to offer a cutting-edge solution that elevates the standards of healthcare facilities.

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