Silen utilizes Gauzy smart glass in its workspace pods at Stockholm Furniture Fair 2023

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Silen, a leading innovator in the workspace industry, has developed cutting-edge mobile workspace pods that are transforming the way we work. By providing a silent and private workspace, Silen’s pods offer a flexible and functional solution to modern workspace needs. At the esteemed Stockholm Furniture Fair 2023, Silen unveiled its latest offering: a workspace pod featuring Gauzy’s dynamic LCG® smart glass, which allows for instant privacy control. This technology offers a seamless solution for individuals who require a private workspace, enabling them to work with ease, productivity, and efficiency. Silen’s commitment to providing a top-of-the-line workspace experience is unparalleled, and the incorporation of Gauzy LCG® smart glass technology demonstrates the brand’s dedication to innovation and excellence. With Silen, businesses and individuals can elevate their workspace experience and take their productivity to new heights.

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