Leading financial services technology firm elevates their headquarters in Jacksonville, Florida, by integrating cutting-edge smart glass technology

FIS Global, a leading financial services technology firm, aimed to elevate their headquarters in Jacksonville, Florida, by integrating cutting-edge smart glass technology to enhance both the visual appeal and workplace productivity. Gauzy, a leader in smart glass solutions, was selected to bring this vision to life.

With the expertise of one of Gauzy’s trusted installation partners, Glass Coatings, 2500 square feet of our PDLC Smart Film was seamlessly retrofitted into every office and conference room at the FIS Global office.

Gauzy’s smart film provides instantaneous control over opacity levels, allowing FIS Global to adapt the transparency of glass surfaces according to specific needs, promoting privacy during meetings and discussions. The smart film was seamlessly integrated into the existing building design, ensuring a smooth and harmonious upgrade. Control systems were also installed, providing FIS Global with the convenience of wall switch operation.

The smart glass installation project at FIS Global’s headquarters showcases the synergy between smart technology and forward-thinking workspace design. Gauzy’s smart film not only addressed practical concerns but also elevated the overall atmosphere, creating an intelligent, modern, and collaborative hub for FIS Global employees.

Step into the future of workspace design with Gauzy’s smart glass solutions. Elevate your office environment, enhance collaboration, and embrace smarter technology. Contact us to explore how Gauzy can transform the spaces where you spend your time most.

“Gauzy offers an ideal solution for both pre-planned and retrofit scenarios. The smart glass product ensures privacy when required and maintains clarity and openness when not needed. Their innovative smart film solution impressed us with its remarkable clarity and quality, especially in situations where installing new glass isn’t an option, saving us both time and money without compromising on excellence. Furthermore, Gauzy’s sales, installation, and customer service are outstanding. We highly recommend them!”

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