Smart Glass Whiteboard Give Glimpse Into Future of Collaborative Office Design

Smart Glass Whiteboard Give Glimpse Into Future of Collaborative Office Design

Smart glass whiteboards are just one of the latest office upgrades that reflect an ongoing transition of corporate environments in favor of flexible and adaptable spaces. In this series of articles, we unpack the many different types of applications that smart glass is being used for. In our last article, we looked at smart glass in corporate office spaces. In this article, we drill down to take a closer look at smart glass whiteboards in particular.

Office design has taken center stage in recent years as societies grapple with a global pandemic and a new dynamic of corporate environments – working from home is becoming more commonplace and companies are beginning to rethink how they use their traditional office space. What is clear? The future is uncertain and companies are leaning toward office partitioning, furniture and floor plans that can adapt on the fly. This includes everything from desk dividers and even whiteboards. New smart glass technologies are taking what was a traditionally static object and turning it into a dynamic partition that doubles as a fully transparent or opaque wall and even a whiteboard – all with the flick of a switch.

Glass whiteboards have been slowly replacing traditional whiteboards thanks to their durability, cleanability and contemporary aesthetics. While traditional whiteboards have a lifespan of only about five years and easily show streaks, glassboards can last up to ten times as long and are compatible with dry erase markers as well as permanent markers and grease pens. They never stain and are easy to clean and maintain.

Smart Glass Whiteboard Benefits

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Smart Glass whiteboard products offer the same bonus’ of glassboards, but with added flexibility to modify spaces to suit the needs of a dynamic work environment as they can instantly switch clear, supporting the following advantages: 

  • Sophisticated Design

Available as tabletops, freestanding boards and partitions, smart glass whiteboards offer a sleek, modern and vibrant look in conference rooms, hospitals, hotels, classrooms and retail stores. Made with tempered glass, they are a great choice for newly renovated spaces. Acting as a stylish messaging platform and collaboration tool, glass whiteboards can be fully customized and fitted in a variety of frames, adding a sophisticated aesthetic to any highly visible setting.

  • No Parallax Effect

Parallax is an optical illusion that presents itself as the eye moves off center of a sight picture, often appearing as an out-of-focus image. It occurs when the background moves at a slower rate than the foreground, creating an illusion of 3D depth in a two-dimensional site. Our smart technology eliminates this optical error, allowing images and writing to appear undistorted in a bright and clear display.

  • Easy to Clean

Smart glass whiteboards are made from super-durable tempered glass that is easy to clean and disinfect, and will not degrade with continuous sanitizing. They can withstand alcohol, bleach and ammonia-based cleaning solutions, making them ideal in settings where safety and hygiene are imperative. Compatible with dry erase, permanent and paint markers, their smooth glass surface provides an ideal writing canvas that will never streak or stain, or leave ghosted letters behind after being erased.

  • Energy Efficient

Offering a high degree of energy efficiency, smart whiteboards use substantially less electricity than a traditional interactive whiteboard and projector system. In addition, they result in an enormous reduction in printing paper and ink, the use of which generates considerable waste and can represent a significant expense.

  • Optimized Projection Surface

The durable surface of smart whiteboards is also optimized for clear high-definition projection, Featuring a flat, ultra-smooth surface designed to be compatible with interactive projectors, their high-quality projection surface enables 180-degree viewing of HD images and videos. They offer substantially less distortion and eliminate light reflection for better visibility.

  • Ultra Low Haze

Haze is a fog that looks milky or cloudy when privacy glass is in its transparent state. It is caused by light scattering of the Liquid Crystal (LC). Our state-of-the art technology helps maintain the spherical structure of the LC molecules, thereby minimizing light scattering and the haze it causes.  When the glass is opaque, it creates a perfect whiteboard. When it’s switched to the transparent setting, it appears as a clear glass partition that is not white or and with minimal haze, making it the privacy glass with the lowest haze on the market.

As office design continues to evolve, so will the furniture and tools we use in corporate environments. Smarter objects and new technology are transforming once static objects into interactive and multi-functional products that optimize space and encourage innovation – and smart glass whiteboards are no exception. They provide users the choice for a clear, open space or a private space, as well as providing the option for a whiteboard or projection surface.  

Smart glass whiteboards create flexible, collaborative meeting rooms and offices. But the benefits of smart glass technology doesn’t stop there. Next up in this series of articles, we take a look at how smart glass is used in hospital partitions, including in patient and surgery rooms.

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Disclaimer: The content provided on this website is intended for informational purposes only and should not be considered as a technical document. While we strive to provide accurate and up-to-date information, it is important to consult with your smart glass representative for the most current and final details regarding the benefits, services, and performance of our products

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