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Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany


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Groundbreaking R&D
Gauzy synthesizes and combines materials from the molecular level creating LC formulas, SPD emulsions, and mechanical HW, for fully optimized and continuously improved end products that revolutionize the way we experience light and our surroundings.
Custom roll-to-roll manufacturing lines for LC and SPD are located in both Israel and Germany. Combining principles of Israeli innovation and German precision, Gauzy is  committed to producing and delivering the next generation of smart glass film. 
Training & Certification
Gauzy partners with glass fabricators and installers worldwide to provide you our unique technology. To ensure the highest quality of LCG®, our certified partners go through intensive onsite training and lamination testing.
Gauzy’s architectural and automotive grade SPD and Liquid Crystal based films are laminated into or retrofitted onto transparent materials by industry professionals to make LCG® (Light Control Glass), for everyday applications.
Global Sales
Gauzy's technology is available in over 40 countries. Our chemistry, when paired with static transparent raw materials like glass and polycarbonate, supports the future we are building and living in today. Every window, from cars to buildings, is redefined by Gauzy.
Gauzy production line



Why Choose Gauzy?

Our Smart Glass

  • Lowest haze industry wide
  • Fast switching time of 0.1 seconds
  • Low voltage power consumption
  • Lifetime over 18 million+ on/off cycles
  • Over 10,000 consecutive ‘On’ hours
  • Fully customizable dimensions, shapes, patterns
  • All day transparency with patented controllers
  • Manufactured in ISO 9001 compliant facilities worldwide
  • CE and UL certified hardware

Our Company

  • Gauzy is the only material science company in the world
    developing, manufacturing, and marketing two of the three active light control technologies: SPD and PDLC
  • Gauzy is passionate about continuously improving smart glass products through research and development
  • Gauzy’s LCG®️ smart glass technology is available in over 40 countries
  • Gauzy partners with, certifies and trains glass fabricators and installers worldwide to ensure the highest quality
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