Order Smart Glass Online Using This Quick Estimator Tool

Order Smart Glass Online Using This Quick Estimator Tool

Ordering smart glass entirely online has never been easier. Whether you’re an architect, interior designer, contractor or building owner, or an all-round busy person, you want the products and services you purchase to be seamless and efficient.

That’s why we offer a quick Online Estimator Tool on our website – to help you get the fastest, most accurate estimate for your smart glass needs online. This Online Estimator Tool is designed to simplify the process of ordering glass online, because there are so many variables that can influence the design. Instead of talking with a representative over the phone, you now have the option to receive an estimate entirely online. If you’re ready to buy smart glass now, you can use this online estimator tool to save time. Here are a few tips on how to get the most out of this new tool for ordering smart glass online.

How to Fill Out the Smart Glass Online Estimate Form

For starters, don’t be intimidated by the questions! We’re asking them in order to provide you with the most accurate estimate possible, so you can order smart glass online.

Please note: Keep in mind that the quote you receive in response is an estimate only, for the purpose of budgeting your project. The actual price may vary. If a project is more complex, a smart glass expert may reach out to you to finalize your order.

Some of the questions you’ll be asked to answer include:

Is Your Project Commercial or Residential?

This information helps us understand more about the scope of your project. It also lets us know how to direct your inquiry to the appropriate Gauzy team member.

Glass Thickness

Part of the ultimate cost of smart glass is based on its thickness of the glass itself. Smart glass thickness can range from 4 mm all the way up to 15 mm, depending on its use. For example, glass used externally requires a higher degree of thickness. Overall, the thickness of the glass determines its flexibility and how it bends.

Some common types of glass thickness for internal applications include 5/16” (a really thin window), 7/16” (thicker and heavier for more sound isolation), and 9/16” (even thicker and heavier). 1-inch IGU thickness is used for external applications.

It’s a bonus if you already know how thick your smart glass needs to be. If you are unsure of which is right for you, simply check off “Unsure,” and we’ll do the rest!

Which Smart Glass Product Would You Like?

Please select the smart glass product you are interested in. If you are unsure, here is a brief description of each product to help you choose the right one. For a full breakdown on the different product types, make sure to check out this article.

LCG® Laminated Smart Glass – Laminated LCG® smart glass is produced by sealing a sheet of PDLC film between two panes of glass by a glass fabricator or glass processor. It is ideal for new projects and builds where the glass can be replaced. Because it is very strong, laminated smart glass is more suitable for buildings located where there is a risk for hurricanes, or as extra security for companies at high risk for break-ins. 

LCG® Adhesive Smart Film – Adhesive smart film, also known as retrofit film, is designed to be applied to glass that has already been installed. One side is sticky for adhesion and the other has a scratch proof coating for extra protection. It’s ideal for projects where the glass can’t be replaced, such as renovation projects or office retrofits. 

LCG® SPD Smart Glass – Suspended Particle Devices (SPD-SmartGlass) contain tiny solid particles that are suspended in liquid and coated between two thin layers of PET-ITO to create a film. SPD technology’s main function is to provide shading, whereas the two options prior provide privacy.

Interior or Exterior Application

Information about where you intend to install our smart glass helps our team of experts determine the right choice smart glass product for your project. For example, outside windows may require increased insulation and UV protection along with IR reflection. If that’s the case, Gauzy can price you an option that ensures the smart glass interlayer is completely protected from external elements.

Do You Need to Hire a Professional Installer?

Smart glass should be installed by a certified professional. There are technical components involved when installing smart glass, including electrical and glazing work. Whether opting for smart glass or smart film options, we recommend working with a certified professional to ensure the glass is installed correctly and the finished product reflects the highest possible standard.

If you are working with an installer already, please let us know as this could affect pricing. If you aren’t working with an installer yet, don’t worry because Gauzy partners with trusted professionals worldwide and can help you locate a smart glass installer in your area.

Is Your Project New Construction or a Remodel?

We ask this question to find out whether you are installing new smart glass, or your project involves existing glass that needs to be retrofitted. For example, glass that has already been installed and doesn’t have the option to be replaced can be treated with adhesive smart film.

Measurements, Photos and Diagrams

Please provide as many details about your project as possible, so that we can generate the most accurate smart glass online estimate. The more information, the better! Items that will help us determine which smart glass product is right for your project include the following:

  • Photographs
  • Building diagrams
  • Floorplans
  • Window, door or partition measurements

Color and add-ons

You’ve gone through all the technical components, now comes the fun part. What color, patterns and premium add-ons do you desire? Gauzy offers our signature white smart glass, alongside our sleek dark option. You also have the option to select a solar product, which can reflect 78% of light for cooler interiors. Lastly, patterns of all varieties can be laser-etched into the glass creating bespoke design effects. Let us know if you’re interested in any of these premium features so we can build them into your estimate.

Conclusion: Using Our Online Estimator Will Help Us Help You

We are confident that we can supply you with the best smart glass on the market. We also want to make specifying and purchasing it as easy as possible. Our Smart Glass Online Estimator is designed to help you order smart glass online. The more information you can provide, the more accurate our estimate will be. Start the process of buying smart glass now and complete the online estimator form below.

Gauzy, an innovator in the smart glass industry, is known for being on the cutting edge of smart glass development and manufacturing worldwide. We’re also leaders in customer service, helping our users get the information they need, when they need it and providing 24/7 dedicated customer support from the moment you place an order to well after the product is installed on-site. Choose us for your smart glass needs today!

Online Estimator Form

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