Patterned LCG® Smart Glass: How to Create a Standout Interior Design Feature with the Most Unique Smart Glass Add-on

Patterned LCG® Smart Glass: How to Create a Standout Interior Design Feature with the Most Unique Smart Glass Add-on

Gauzy takes great pride in providing the most innovative and state-of-the-art smart glass technologies. We have proven ourselves to be smart glass industry leaders yet again with the introduction of our Patterned LCG® Smart Glass. We are thrilled to be among the first manufacturers of smart glass technologies to offer this exciting new feature for LC products available to interior designers, architects and builders.

The Many Uses of Patterned LCG® Smart Glass

Patterned LCG® smart glass offers the same light-control benefits as standard smart glass – entire glass panels can turn on (clear) and off (opaque), or anywhere in between, with the flip of a switch – but adds a unique twist. Patterned smart glass allows for a third mode – dynamic patterns and designs.

Design options are endless, because there are no restrictions on shapes or transitions, except that all patterns must be touching a side for access to electricity. Clients can provide virtually any type of artwork for Gauzy to work from.

Gauzy’s Patterned Smart Glass has already been installed in several high-profile projects. Standard straight line patterns – creating smart glass privacy blinds – were specified for the Setai Hotel on the northern pier of Jaffa, Israel. It represents the first fully-functioning LCG® privacy blinds installation of its kind worldwide. Used in 80 guest rooms, the LCG® privacy blinds create a versatile partition between the bathroom and bedroom, eliminating the need for traditional fabric curtains that downgrade designs.

Gauzy’s Patterned Smart Glass was also installed at a leading healthcare technology company’s Executive Briefing Center, an innovative space that the company uses to demonstrate its new technology to clients.  Situated on the second level of the company’s corporate headquarters at the top of a sweeping staircase with ambient lighting, the floor-to-ceiling glass wall of the Executive Briefing Center faces a naturally lit atrium with views of a geometric modern abstract hanging sculpture. Staying true to the structure’s design and minimal aesthetic, Gauzy LCG® Patterned Smart Glass was installed on nine panels of full-framed glass partitions with no visible wiring. Customized with the most advanced laser patterning on the market, the glass changes from fully transparent or opaque to dynamic shifting triangular patterns.

  • Off
  • On
  • Patterned

Gauzy LCG® Smart Glass not only enhances the design of the Executive Briefing Center, but also adds function. On-demand opacity and transparency allow for both full privacy during presentations, and unobstructed views of the outside space with an abundance of natural light. Fabricated with an air gap, the glass also promotes sound isolation for an added level of privacy. Controlled by a wall-mounted touch panel, the space instantly transforms from a private meeting room to a naturally lit open workspace or a technologically-advanced and engaging piece of art with dynamic patterns – all within a matter of milliseconds.

What is Patterned LCG® Smart Glass?

Invisible lines(just 35 microns thick) are laser etched onto smart glass films creating segments or patterns. These segments turn between transparent and opaque, creating dynamic patterns that appear and disappear. When all segments are on, the glass is fully clear, and when all segments are off, glass is completely opaque. aque mode. DIfferent pattern segments can be programmed to turn on or off in a sequence or random mode, creating patterns. A wide array of pattern options are available, from straight-lined patterns for a standard blinds style, to an unlimited array of custom unique shapes, designs, or even company logos.

The Benefits of Patterned LCG® Smart Glass

Gauzy’s proprietary laser patterning machine etches lines directly into the PET’s ITO coating, creating segmented films with non-visible lines. This allows films to have dynamic patterns that can appear and disappear completely. Custom patterning features and unique designs with straight or curved lines and shapes provide a truly bespoke experience for users.

Patterned switchable glass blinds with custom designs allow for an easier to clean privacy solution as well as present the opportunity to create a unique and exciting design and introduce a beautiful light and shadow display when reflected on interior surfaces.

The features and benefits of Patterned LCG® Smart Glass include the following:

  • 35μ lines support nonvisible etching
  • Unlimited segments with corresponding busbar positioning
  • Controlled by Gauzy’s MultiPlex controller
  • Allows glass that is fully transparent, fully opaque, or dynamic with shifting patterns
  • Fully customizable design, including etching of corporate logos and creation of custom patterns based

Enter the Gauzy Smart Glass Raffle

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To celebrate the official launch of this new product feature, Gauzy is giving industry professionals the chance to win a piece of patterned smart glass.

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Patterned LCG® Smart Glass is suitable for a wide range of industries and applications – and it’s available to the market right now. For more information or to get a complimentary quote, contact the smart glass experts at Gauzy today.

Want to learn more about Smart Glass or receive a quote? Contact the Smart Glass experts at Gauzy today.

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