Iconic hotel chain Hilton upgrades conference room with smart glass

Project Photos

This Hilton hotel in the heart of downtown San Diego is worth a trip – and not just because of its prime oceanfront location. Featuring Gauzy’s premium LCG® smart glass technology in its conference room, guests of the hotel have the flexibility to work in a private or open space depending on the preference at the time. Controlled via a remote and easier to clean than fabric curtains and blinds, the smart glass provides a high-tech and premium upgrade that aligns with the iconic hotel chains aesthetic and appeal. More and more, hotels around the world like Hilton are turning to smart glass technology to provide their guests with the adaptable and technologically advanced spaces they desire. Perfect for conference rooms, partitions and desk dividers, smart glass is a dynamic application for versatile and safe spaces – especially useful for companies looking to cater toward the trend to new hybrid and remote work clientele.

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