Eye-catching Smart Glass Visual Display Grabs Shopper’s Attention at LuoFu Gong Luxury Shopping Mall

In-store shoppers expect to be surprised and delighted with experiences they can’t get online. Catching shoppers’ attention with dynamic and technologically advanced window displays and visual merchandize strategies is quickly becoming a must-have for retailers looking to attract foot traffic inside. One way retailers can achieve this is through installing smart glass technology plus projection for storefront windows.

Take a cue from this luxury shopping mall in China. LuoFu Gong is arguably the most luxurious shopping mall complexes in the nation, housing some of the world’s leading brands including Fendi, GAGGENAU, Villeroy & Boch, Armani, Lamborghini and Versace just to name a few. To live up to the expectations of modern day shoppers’, LuoFu Gong features Gauzy’s signature white LCG® smart glass with added projection. The multi-functional glass panel consists of 6 pieces of LCG® smart glass measuring at 1.2m x 2.9mm and was purchased by Gauzy’s official dealer Oude Zhongxin. To top off this showstopping project, the glass was equipped with 2 projectors, allowing the glass to change from clear to opaque, as well as display HD videos on demand.

The end result is a truly eye-catching visual display that captivates shopping mall visitors while creating a sense of excitement and space. The projected visuals serve to attract shoppers’ attention to the shop window, and then the glass can switch to clear mode instantly, helping to showcase the products in store. The smart glass can also be set to varying degrees of opacity in projection mode, allowing for visuals to be projected onto the window while at the same time allowing shoppers to peer into the store to see physical products on display. Finally, when the store closes for business, the glass can switch to opaque mode, protecting inventory inside the store from being seen and allowing staff to restock in private.

With the addition of smart glass technology plus projection, the LuoFo Gong retail precinct firmly cements its spot as the most prestigious shopping destination in China, offering visitors the latest luxury apparel alongside the most recent innovations in technology for the built environment.

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