Fully Autonomous Gym Pod uses Smart Glass for Privacy

Gauzy’s advanced Vizio LCG® Smart Glass was installed in the first of it’s kind gym fully autonomous pod in Singapore, transforming the exterior from static glass panels to dynamic privacy solutions and HD projection screens. The vision for the Gym Pod was to create an innovative, private yet convenient space to exercise and provide a way to access a healthy lifestyle even in a city center. 

Smart glass helped create a space that wasn’t only modern and sleek, but that was light filled with the option for privacy when desired. Users of the Gym Pod don’t have to worry about operating outdated and clunky blinds or shutters – that can get stuck or become dislodged. Instead they can easily control the privacy of the space by turning the glass on and off – or transparent and opaque. 

This feature allows for full unobstructed views of the outside world when the glass is on, perhaps when users are just starting their workout. Or, when the glass is off, it allows for full privacy, perhaps when the workout is getting more intense. Whatever the situation it’s this flexibility for privacy or openness when desired that was the main drawcard for us selecting Gauzy smart glass.  

The instant privacy or transparency helped create a functional space and the projection added a real “wow” factor to the project, meanwhile it also provided an innovative way to advertise and make use of the prime real estate of our Gym Pods. At the touch of a button, a once static glass partition turned into a dynamic HD screen perfect for showcasing our latest visual content and capturing the attention of shoppers and passerbyers in the street without having to block windows with tv screens. 

Safety and minimizing the spread of infection is a key concern for all of us as we continue to grapple with COVID-19. The great thing about smart glass is that it can be cleaned just like regular glass, making it very easy to maintain and sanitize. This was extremely important given the nature of the space; The Gym Pod needed a way to quickly sanitize the pod between classes. Compared to shutters or worse – fabric curtains – smart glass can be disinfected easily, killing germs and bacteria and protecting the health of our customers.

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