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Railway smart glass train off

Clear Tracks Ahead: Revolutionizing Railways with Smart Glass Technology

In the world of technological advancements, multiple industries are constantly seeking innovative solutions to enhance efficiency, comfort, and overall user experience. The railway industry is no exception, with the advent of smart glass technology making significant strides in revolutionizing the way we travel by train. The integration of switchable smart glass, equipped with Polymer Dispersed

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Hospital bridge SPD

What Is Switchable Electric Smart Glass Film?

What Is Switchable Smart Film? Switchable smart film is a film that switches transparency and opacity at the flip of a switch to create what many call: smart glass. The good news is switchable glass film can be applied onto existing glass, or laminated into glass during the fabrication process, making it an ideal application

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Office Interiors After COVID-19: Is Open Plan Over?

Could open plan be a thing of the past? It doesn’t have to be. Open concepts are an office design trend that makes the promise of more collaborative and productive teams, despite evidence showing that employees actually prefer spaces that have the option for privacy. A 2018 study by Harvard Business School found open offices

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Increase Employee Activity by 70% with Natural Light

Studies show that natural light in office spaces improves employee satisfaction and productivity. That’s because natural light helps regulate the body’s natural circadian rhythms (sleep-wake schedules). Research proves that natural light helps people be more productive, happier, and calmer. In this blog, we will delve into the positive effects of natural light in office settings,

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minimalist office design

How Smart Glass Supports Minimalist Interior Design for Offices

What is a minimalist office and how do you design one? How can switchable smart glass be a part of it? The motto of a minimalist office decor is “Less is More”, from design (vibe, layout, furniture) to operations (paperless and system automation). Offices that fit the “minimalist interior design” trend typically have the same

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