Ultimate Comfort and Convenience: High-end Condo Bathroom Upgraded with Gauzy’s Smart Glass at Florida’s Waterfront Clematis

Introducing Gauzy’s world leading smart glass technology, now available in select apartments at Waterfront Clematis, West Palm Beach, Florida. Carefully chosen by Key Leaf Interior Design, Gauzy’s latest white HP-LCG® PDLC smart glass provides unparalleled comfort and convenience in the master bath and guest bath. Two panels of glass, 54″W x 55″H, utilizing 44 sq ft of LCG® were installed by LP Glass Technologies. The fixed partition design seamlessly integrates into each bathroom providing a stylish, tech-forward upgrade. With just the touch of a button, occupants can control the transparency of their windows, giving them ultimate control over their privacy and natural lighting. Smart glass also has energy-saving properties, helping occupants reduce their carbon footprint and save money on their energy bills. And with the Gauzy remote and touch panel in each bathroom, controlling the glass has never been easier. The future of luxury apartment design, smart glass at Waterfront Clematis sets the standard in bathroom design for the modern lifestyle.

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