Luxury home opts for smart glass in bathroom design

This private home in the luxurious, new neighborhood of Ramot, Jerusalem features an ultramodern and minimalist style bathroom design. This space was designed by the talented architect Nechami Goldsmid, a high-end residential project specialist in Israel. The bathroom enclosure consists of two fixed glass panels and a door, incorporating white ExtraClear LCG® smart glass film laminated into clear tempered glass for high visible light transmittance and increased clarity in the on (transparent) state.

This inviting, next generation design creates an elegant and aesthetic atmosphere, allowing in more light to those hard to reach bathroom areas and providing complete privacy at the flick of a switch. The use of smart glass ensures the bathroom space is free from outdated blinds or curtains that would deter from the minimal approach and would need regular replacing due to the high moisture environment in and around the shower.

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