FAQ: Smart Glass Pricing

Smart Glass is approximately 20% more than traditional glass and window treatments combined. Despite higher initial costs, Smart Glass has lower maintenance and wear and tear costs than fabric blinds and curtains. Contact Gauzy today for a competitive price quote. 

When pricing Smart Glass there are a number of factors to consider including: 

  • Glass makeup: annealed vs tempered, clear vs LowIron vs IGU.
  • Quantity
  • Glazier: installers, fabricators 
  • Location: prices vary by state and country

Gauzy offers attractive pricing for large-scale projects. Contact us to learn more about pricing for larger projects.

Installation may or may not be included in Smart Glass costs. Please refer to your price offer or contact your Sales Manager to confirm if installation is included in your quote.

Smart Glass film that is retroactively applied to existing glass is typically cheaper than newly laminated Smart Glass. To get a price quote, contact a Smart Glass manufacturer like Gauzy for a quote. 

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