Cutting Edge Smart Building Utilizes Smart Glass

A leading technology company building a cutting edge smart building in Israel needed an innovative privacy solution to complement its modern design aesthetic and function as “the smartest building in the world”. Gauzy LCG® was installed into eight meeting rooms, six of which are suspended over an open atrium offering a unique illusion of floating rooms at the heart of the office space

Offering on-demand light filled privacy for intimate meetings and an open atmosphere with access to views of the atrium when transparent, the conference rooms provide teams with a versatile workspace. While off, the glass turns opaque while still allowing light to pass through, creating a well lit private space; when on the glass turns transparent allowing for connection to the outside office environment.

Gauzy’s LCG® Smart Glass was specially certified to meet all safety regulations and needs of the building.  Integrated into the smart building’s automation system, the glass is controlled by a tablet in each meeting room, offering a unique and user controlled experience.

Gauzy works with many high profile brands that elect to maintain anonymity in their office space, hence we respect their right to privacy and don’t publicize their business name in our marketing materials. This is why you will see ‘Leading technology company’ instead of the brand’s actual name in various locations on our website and social media channels.    

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