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Hospital bridge SPD

What Is Switchable Electric Smart Glass Film?

What Is Switchable Smart Film? Switchable smart film is a film that switches transparency and opacity at the flip of a switch to create what many call: smart glass. The good news is switchable glass film can be applied onto existing glass, or laminated into glass during the fabrication process, making it an ideal application

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Increase Employee Activity by 70% with Natural Light

Studies show that natural light in office spaces improves employee satisfaction and productivity. That’s because natural light helps regulate the body’s natural circadian rhythms (sleep-wake schedules). Research proves that natural light helps people be more productive, happier, and calmer. In this blog, we will delve into the positive effects of natural light in office settings,

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Dynamic glass

4 Ways Dynamic Smart Glass Contributes to Office Interior Design

Dynamic Glass is a hot term in interior design these days, and bringing this technology into office interiors is only natural. When looking to design a sophisticated and tech-savvy new office space, or redesign an existing workspace that needs a facelift, adding switchable glass can make the difference between “just nice” and “simply astounding”. When

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agile work environment

Create an Agile Work Environment with Smart Glass

Smart glass is helping architects, interior designers, and partition manufacturers to create an agile work environment, making workspaces more flexible. Smart Glass as a design solutions offers an option of transparency for team productivity while helping to maintain privacy when companies need it most. Transparency isn’t just a characteristic of glass. It’s a company culture

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Hotel room with smart glass

How Smart Glass Can Boost Hotel Ratings

With so many choices, how does a traveler decide which hotel to stay in? Unless they get a personal recommendation, most will turn to online reviews with hotel ratings on popular sites, or crowdsource opinions from social media travel groups for an answer to the question: what’s the best hotel to stay at in my

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