Smart Glass used in NFL Gameday Kickoff Studio

The 75,000 sqft NFL Gameday Kickoff Studio designed by Gensler features 49 pieces of curved Gauzy PDLC LCG® smart glass shaped to create a football and paired with projection for a high impact and memorable display.

Creating a sense of depth otherwise unachievable by flat screen displays, the multi-functional LCG® smart glass football adds a dynamic dimension to the studio. Situated above the main floor in line with the NFL logo with prominent placement above the host desk, the smart glass football utilizes Gauzy’s market leading Vizio projection technology to provide a large-scale surface for projection of brand and team images to add to the overall excitement and ambiance of the space.

A technological showstopper, the smart glass football brings the studio to life and provides an impressive visual cue for the audience to recognize the NFL brand and imagery.

Photography Credits: Fotoworks©Benny Chan

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