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Smart Glass for Home Offices

Smart glass is a growing trend among the world’s leading architects and interior designers, in a variety of different spaces and environments. In this series of articles, we explore the countless different applications for smart glass. Last time, we explored how smart glass is being used in the retail sector and for in store advertising.

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The Evolution of Glass and Smart Home Automation in Luxury Residences

The History of Technology and Glass in Luxury Homes The term “smart home” is becoming more and more of a buzzword as home technology is incorporated into the construction of luxury homes, providing comfort, convenience, security and energy efficiency. Also called “smart home automation,” it describes a residence whose lighting, heating and air conditioning, appliances,

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3 Ways Smart Glass Is Enhancing Home Automation

What’s the one thing every smart home owner wants? A great experience: The look, the feel, the emotion. That’s what makes a smart house a smart home. For today’s contemporary homeowner, automation is becoming a key consideration in setting the scene for a comfortable, inviting and truly personalized living space.   If you’re in the smart

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