Smart Glass in Luxury, Designer Condo

Glass continues to play a role in contemporary home design, as the requirement for more natural light and unobstructed views of the outside becomes a ubiquitous design choice. The modern day designer is tasked with specifying shading and lighting applications that compliment these large glass panels and that meet the needs of today’s technologically advanced consumers. Coupled with residents’ needs for privacy in inner-city, urban centers, new technologies such as smart glass offers a sleek and sophisticated solution.

In this luxury condo in Brush Park, Michigan, Gauzy LCG® smart glass is installed on the third and fourth floors, in the kitchen and main living areas of the residence. The glass was specified by the design group for the project – Patrick Thompson Design. Located in the external facing windows that block the neighboring building from seeing in without the need for shades or curtains, the smart glass maintains a clean finish, allowing other elements of the interior design to shine.

The smart glass technology integrates seamlessly into the lighting control of the house, operated by a wall switch directly adjacent to the ceiling lighting. The residents of this luxury condo will enjoy the benefits of smart glass technology for many years to come, as they relax and retreat to their modern, sleek and sophisticated abode.

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