Numa Hotel Creates Trendy Oasis With Smart Glass Bathroom Enclosure

Located in the historic neighborhood of Jaffa in Tel Aviv, the NUMA hotel combines old world charm with modern oasis chic, creating a luxury experience that provides guests with the perfect environment to relax while enjoying world class amenities. 

Designed carefully with leading hospitality features in mind, Gauzy’s LCG® smart glass was installed into the bathroom enclosures in 55 hotel rooms. Elevating the guest experience with a memorable feature, the full floor to ceiling smart glass partition removes the need for thick studded walls, creating an open and airy atmosphere. Controlled by a wall switch conveniently located within arm’s reach of the bed, the glass also turns opaque on-demand creating an effortless privacy solution for guests.

Complementing the sleek and trendy design of the NUMA, Gauzy’s LCG® combines form and function for a contemporary take on privacy and design for multifunctional spaces in hotels.

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