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smart glass enclosed home office

Smart Glass for Home Offices

Smart glass is a growing trend among the world’s leading architects and interior designers, in a variety of different spaces and environments. In this series of articles, we explore the countless different applications for smart glass. Last time, we explored how smart glass is being used in the retail sector and for in store advertising.

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3 Ways Smart Glass Is Enhancing Home Automation

What’s the one thing every smart home owner wants? A great experience: The look, the feel, the emotion. That’s what makes a smart house a smart home. For today’s contemporary homeowner, automation is becoming a key consideration in setting the scene for a comfortable, inviting and truly personalized living space.   If you’re in the smart

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Office Interiors After COVID-19: Is Open Plan Over?

Could open plan be a thing of the past? It doesn’t have to be. Open concepts are an office design trend that makes the promise of more collaborative and productive teams, despite evidence showing that employees actually prefer spaces that have the option for privacy. A 2018 study by Harvard Business School found open offices

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Hotel room with smart glass

How Smart Glass Can Boost Hotel Ratings

With so many choices, how does a traveler decide which hotel to stay in? Unless they get a personal recommendation, most will turn to online reviews with hotel ratings on popular sites, or crowdsource opinions from social media travel groups for an answer to the question: what’s the best hotel to stay at in my

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Switchable Privacy Glass: Why Open Space Offices Need It

Open office spaces have become a trend in the last few years, replacing floor plans with lots of sectioned off offices and overly-packed cubicle spaces. There are many advantages claimed to favor open office spaces, such as the feeling of an open environment and transparency (both literally and figuratively), which lead to improved productivity, better

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Types of Glass in Construction & Interior Design

Some materials sustain a timeless value regardless of current trends. From its origin to date, glass has become an asset in construction, design and decoration. With its inherent transparency, versatility, transmission of light and its viscosity, glass can be blown, shaped, treated and cut to offer a broad range of benefits. Insulating Glass Reducing heat

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