Smart Glass for Retail Shop Windows and In-store Advertising

Smart Glass for Retail Shop Windows and In-store Advertising

Smart glass is changing the way we shop, offering a more dynamic retail experience for customers and more effective advertising opportunities for brands and store owners. In this series of articles, we unpack the many ways smart glass is helping architects and interior designers provide novel solutions for their clients. In our last article, we looked at smart glass for hospital partitions and in patient operating rooms, this time we delve into how this emerging technology can benefit the retail sector.

Attracting shoppers and brand reinforcement, particularly in the era of COVID-19 when traffic is limited, are a priority for retail stores. As digital marketing continues to replace traditional advertising, brick-and-mortar stores are constantly looking for ways to transform their space into one that is attractive, compelling and keeping up with current trends. Smart Glass, also known as glass that turns opaque and electric glass, allows retailers to transform their storefronts into transparent displays, increasing brand awareness and enticing walk-in customers. When the glass switches from transparent to opaque, it can act as an HD projection screen for eye-catching and dynamic ads, as well as having the option to create complete privacy. When it’s transparent, shoppers can see inside the windows with an unobstructed view.

Here are five ways Smart Glass can be strategically used in retail spaces and can enhance the effectiveness of in-store advertising:

  1. Smart Glass windows can switch from regular glass to an HD projection screen in a matter of seconds. When the dimmable glass is partially transparent, retailers can create subtle messages that float on semi-transparent glass surfaces without obstructing shoppers’ view of the merchandise.
  2. Retailers can avoid the inconvenience and cost of traditional window displays. Ads created by projection using dynamic smart glass upgrades enhance in-store marketing by displaying high-definition images and videos with 180-degree viewing angles. This distortion-free imaging captivates customers from all viewpoints, both inside and outside of the store. Moreover, replacing and switching content is all digital instead of with physical materials that cause waste and recurring costs.
  3. Changing traditional window displays often means draping a sheet over the front window. With the use of Smart Glass, instant privacy can be created by switching the window from transparent to opaque for full privacy while redecorating.
  4. Retailers can eliminate traditional fitting room curtains, which attract germs, are expensive to clean, and create visual clutter. Smart Glass wall partitions are the perfect solution. Not only are they hygienic and easy to clean, they can switch from transparent to opaque the moment a shopper steps inside to try something on. Retailers can even project ads and messaging onto fitting room glass partitions using rear projection.
  5. Retailers can display merchandise after hours without jeopardizing store security by setting Smart Glass windows to opaque and using them as a projection screen to show images of store items.

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Project Highlight: Superpharm

Gauzy’s advanced Vizio LCG® Smart Glass was installed in the first of its kind gym fully autonomous pod in Singapore, transforming the exterior from static glass panels to dynamic privacy solutions and HD projection screens. The vision for the Gym Pod was to create an innovative, private yet convenient space to exercise and provide a way to access a healthy lifestyle even in a city center.

Smart glass helped create a space that wasn’t only modern and sleek, but that was light filled with the option for privacy when desired. Users of the Gym Pod don’t have to worry about operating outdated and clunky blinds or shutters – that can get stuck or become dislodged. Instead they can easily control the privacy of the space by turning the glass on and off – or transparent and opaque.

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Retail spaces are intended to truly surprise and delight shoppers, making smart glass a must-have addition for stores looking to appeal to modern customers and increase footfall. But the great thing about smart glass is it can be used virtually anywhere regular glass is used; from the shops to the office to a luxury home. If you liked this article and also plan or design home or office spaces, make sure to read our next article in the series which takes an in-depth look at smart glass in the home office.

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Disclaimer: The content provided on this website is intended for informational purposes only and should not be considered as a technical document. While we strive to provide accurate and up-to-date information, it is important to consult with your smart glass representative for the most current and final details regarding the benefits, services, and performance of our products

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