Smart Glass for Home Offices

Smart Glass for Home Offices

Smart glass is a growing trend among the world’s leading architects and interior designers, in a variety of different spaces and environments. In this series of articles, we explore the countless different applications for smart glass. Last time, we explored how smart glass is being used in the retail sector and for in store advertising. This time, we see how smart glass is adding significant improvements to home office designs.

An open concept floor plan has been a popular trend in residential home design for the past decade. Architects and developers have been creating innovative homes with fewer walls and larger, multi-functional rooms by converting the main floor living area into a single unified environment, blending the kitchen, dining and living rooms into a central space for family time and entertaining.

But especially now and into the future, when more people work from home for a portion of their work, there is a great demand for private space. Smart Glass, also known as glass that turns opaque or electric glass, is helping interior designers and architects convert high-end urban apartments and country homes into residential sanctuaries, without sacrificing views, space or privacy. Used as exterior and interior dimmable windows, walls and room dividers, Smart Glass technology allows designers to create a coveted sense of spaciousness while allowing for practicality and privacy, especially in smaller apartments and houses.

The home office exemplifies the need for quiet privacy, removed from the rest of the home. Smart Glass helps designers create the ultimate sanctuary for those working from home, in an environment that is conducive to productivity.

  • Privacy: Smart Glass technology allows the home office to become totally private with the touch of a switch. Alternatively, it can be switched back to ‘on’ mode where the glass is transparent, for more of an open atmosphere when desired.
  • Access to light: Especially if the home office is located in an interior space without windows, Smart glass allows light to filter through, creating a brighter, more productive work environment where residents enjoy spending time.
  • Sound dampening qualities: Laminated Smart Glass paired with an acoustic glass partition significantly decreases noise, making for a quieter working environment. It can be integrated into almost any type of wall or partition system.
  • Wide open views: Smart Glass allows those working from home to enjoy views of the outdoors (and indoors), while being protected from harmful UV rays and sun glare.

There are numerous benefits to smart glass home offices. For architects and interior designers looking to deliver their clients with high-tech, modern and sleek home office fit outs, smart glass is a must-have product. The same goes for standard corporate offices as well. For more on the topic, make sure to check out the below resources. Or if you want to discuss how to incorporate smart glass into a home office project, you can always contact the smart glass experts at Gauzy for a free consultation.

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