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Why Smart Window Film Is The Right Choice For Your Project

Smart window film, also known as switchable film, is a type of film that can be electronically switched between clear and opaque states. This innovative technology has a variety of practical applications, from privacy windows to advertising displays. Smart film works by using a thin layer of liquid crystal molecules that are embedded into the

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Smart Doors – Applying Smart Glass To Interior & Exterior Doors

As Smart Glass technology expands, so do its applications. In this series of articles, we unpack the many ways this groundbreaking product enhances the spaces we spend our time most. Last time, we looked at Smart Glass Windows. In this article, we’ll explore Smart Glass Doors. Smart Glass technology (also known as switchable privacy glass)

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What Is Switchable Electric Smart Glass Film?

What Is Switchable Smart Film? Switchable smart film is a film that switches transparency and opacity at the flip of a switch to create what many call: smart glass. The good news is switchable glass film can be applied onto existing glass, or laminated into glass during the fabrication process, making it an ideal application

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