What Is Switchable Electric Smart Glass Film?

What Is Switchable Electric Smart Glass Film?

What Is Electric Switchable Smart Film?

Switchable smart film is a glass film that switches transparency and opacity at the flip of a switch to create what many call: electric smart glass film.

The good news is electric switchable glass film can be applied onto existing glass, or laminated into glass during the fabrication process, making it an ideal application for a variety of new and existing projects.

Installed by window film installers or glaziers, switchable electric film is typically used to create two types of smart glass;

  • Switchable Privacy Glass: based on PDLC (polymer dispersed liquid crystal) films that turn fully opaque for privacy or transparent for an open atmosphere 
  • Electronically Tintable Glass: based on SPD films, which are used to create electric tinting glass that can shade and reduce glare while maintaining some transparency to keep a view 

How does Electric Switchable Smart Glass Film Work?

Switchable Electric Smart Film allows any glass to transform from a simple passive surface into an active smart material. Switchable Smart Film technologies allow glass to change from on (clear) to off (frosted) with an electrical charge for a truly dynamic and multifunctional glass application.

Sometimes used interchangeably with the terms Smart Glass, Electric Switchable Glass Film or Privacy Glass, Smart Electric Glass Film is essentially the same thing. Some manufacturers define Smart Film as a Electric Glass film with an adhesive that is applied to existing glass, while others also use smart film to refer to switchable film that is laminated between two pieces of glass.

No matter how you cut it, eventually electric smart film is the technology used to create a final smart glass pane used in an external window or interior glass partition. If you are currently designing a new project, or renovating an existing one, the big question is… 

Is Electric Switchable Smart Film right for your project?

PDLC Switchable Electric Glass Films with an adhesive side are best used when you want to transform existing glass into Smart Glass instantly. These films are literally stuck onto an existing glass, and connected to a wall switch (or smart phone application) and controller, allowing glass to turn on and off for privacy, solar control, and to act as a switchable projection screen. This type of switchable electric glass film is ideal for renovations where the glass in a project is not being replaced, or to simply freshen up minimalist designs by removing curtains and using a high tech switchable privacy film solution instead. Adhesive switchable films can also be cut into different shapes which creates a unique touch or fits even the most advanced designs. Switchable films that are laminated into glass during fabrication are ideal when glass is being replaced or newly ordered. It may also be required for exterior facing windows.

It’s perfect for anywhere glass is used in architecture and interior design across a diverse range of industries,from public spaces such as offices, hospitals and hotels, to bathroom enclosures and front doors in bespoke homes. 

Compared to other types of Switchable Smart Glass Film products on the market that claim to be self-adhesive and require no specialist installation, Gauzy’s Switchable Electric Film products are installed by professional installers to maintain a premium level of quality, performance, and durability

Ready to have Switchable Smart Film in your office, hotel, or other built space? Contact Gauzy, the world leaders in smart glass technology innovation, for a quote today. 

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