4 Ways Dynamic Smart Glass Contributes to Office Interior Design

4 Ways Dynamic Smart Glass Contributes to Office Interior Design

Dynamic Glass is a hot term in interior design these days, and bringing this technology into office interiors is only natural. When looking to design a sophisticated and tech-savvy new office space, or redesign an existing workspace that needs a facelift, adding switchable glass can make the difference between “just nice” and “simply astounding”.

When considering the key roles that dynamic smart glass partitions play in office interior design, there are 4 aspects that come to mind:

1. Dynamic Use of Space

Just like companies and employees have been adopting agile methods of work, workspace architects are putting an emphasis on agile office design as well. In a world where change is a constant, when designing a workspace one must consider the changing needs and desires of its inhabitants. Agile workspaces allow flexibility when designing floor plans to accommodate those exact needs.

Dressing a workspace with light and flowing furniture and accessories can be a great way to make an open space feel airy and spacious, but using glass partitions instead of heavy studded walls can truly take the notion of flexible design to a whole other level. They are simpler to install, easier to modify, and quicker to adjust. Glass office partitions will even make your space feel larger as they are transparent, allowing for smarter use of light and taking up less floor space than traditional walls.

2. Privacy on Demand

While having an open and transparent atmosphere in an office may be welcomed in some situations, at other times, privacy is a must. No matter how transparent an organization may be, when sensitive moments come up, open spaces can be a disadvantage, like in delicate HR conversations or confidential strategy meetings.

Solutions such as traditional fabric curtains or blinds are not ideal. Blinds break, curtains get stiff. Aside from all that, they look outdated, are hard to clean, collect dust, and disrupt sleek glass partition designs. Switchable privacy glass provides instant privacy when you need it without adding additional elements.

3. Productivity Meets Design

Being surrounded by people for an entire workday can be a pleasure for some and a strain for others. Privacy is known to help employees focus and be more productive. Being able to block external distractions and have an intimate workspace can make a big difference in an employee’s quality of work. At the same time, open offices allow for collaboration and access to natural light, which is also known to increase motivation and work productivity.

In this case, dynamic glass provides a solution no matter the preferred working style of a specific employee in a specific space. Incorporating smart glass partitions into your interior design allows you to switch your glass from transparent to opaque and vice versa. With the click of a button or through an app you’re provided with instant privacy or an open atmosphere, giving you the best of both worlds.

4. Efficiency at its Fullest

Smart glass partitions, also known as LCG®, are not “just” partitions: multifunction is the name of the game. When opaque, any switchable glass can act as a projection surface for meetings, presentations, and even a dynamic bulletin board, eliminating the need for expensive and bulky retractable projection screens. Moreover, LCG® can double as a whiteboard for creative thinking and meeting scribbles, making extra elements like portable or permanent whiteboards inapt.

Smart glazing technologies in your interior design also add efficiency when it comes to energy consumption. Liquid crystal glass technology brings all the benefits of switchable glass without blocking light. This means that natural and artificial light can still be utilized between spaces, and reduces the need for extra lighting. In addition, LCG® with SPD technology can block up to 99% of light, providing shade for cool spaces and lower HVAC costs for energy conservation when used in exterior facing windows.

When considering all of the above, and appraising the many advantages of smart glass partitions, it is clear that dynamic glass plays a significant role in office interior design.

To learn more about how you can upgrade your office space with dynamic glass, contact Gauzy today.

Disclaimer: The content provided on this website is intended for informational purposes only and should not be considered as a technical document. While we strive to provide accurate and up-to-date information, it is important to consult with your smart glass representative for the most current and final details regarding the benefits, services, and performance of our products

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