Transparency when you want it and privacy when you need it

LCG® switchable partitions support dynamic working spaces that increase productivity and optimize floor plans,
without sacrificing minimalist and modular designs. Privacy glass is ideal for conference rooms and private work spaces, 
while SPD and Solar LC support shading and temperature control in exterior glass. 

LCG® switchable partitions allow privacy in open office spaces without sacrificing sleek designs. Privacy glass is ideal for conference rooms and private work spaces. SPD and Solar LC support shading and temperature control in interiors through exterior glass. 

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Increase Productivity

Allow for collaborative open spaces and access to natural light, or privacy for independent thinking and confidentiality

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Optimize Space

Replace studded walls that consume space, curtains that are outdated and block views , and make walls multi-use

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Dynamic Designs

LCG® partitions are easy to install and versatile, making spaces agile, unique, efficient, and tech savvy

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Conserve Energy

Facades with SPD or outdoor grade Solar Control LC allow windows to shade and reflect heat for lowered HVAC costs

"We have partnered with Gauzy on a number of projects for dynamic partitions in offices of all sizes. Gauzy's LCG® has the best clarity, is unprecedented in terms of innovation with so many different offerings (like custom patterns and dark grey), and they give great customer service. Their technology is easy to integrate with our partition systems and always leaves our customers wow'ed by the finished product"


Questions and Answers

Gauzy LCG® can be installed into almost any partition style, including floor-to-ceiling and half-rise partitions. The glass is compatible with aluminum, wood, or metal frames, and should always be installed according to our installation guidelines.

LCG® partitions are ideal for conference rooms and offices, where privacy may be required, but an overall open atmosphere is generally appreciated. With switchable glass partitions, offices can maintain minimalist glass designs without traditional privacy solutions such as blinds that interrupt style. LCG® partitions can be used as a whiteboard or a projection surface, making glass walls multi-functional.

Yes! When opaque, your Gauzy LCG® partition can be used as a projection surface with HD images and video and 180° viewing angles. It can also be used as a whiteboard that is easy to clean. 

Gauzy LCG® is controlled by our patented Gauzy controllers, which can be connected to smart office platforms for easy control of glass anywhere in the office.

To find the product that best suites your needs, please contact to request a quote. We look forward to hearing from you.