How Smart Glass Supports Minimalist Interior Design for Offices

How Smart Glass Supports Minimalist Interior Design for Offices

What is a minimalist office and how do you design one? How can switchable smart glass be a part of it? The motto of a minimalist office decor is “Less is More”, from design (vibe, layout, furniture) to operations (paperless and system automation). Offices that fit the “minimalist interior design” trend typically have the same characteristics:

  1. An open and airy atmosphere 
  2. Neutral materials 
  3. Simple furniture and walls 

But just because you want to be on trend and have all the above, doesn’t mean you want to sacrifice the comfort of your employees or diminish the experience of visitors who come to your office. Afterall, employees are the building blocks of an organization, and visitors are most likely the ones who allow you to keep building your business.

Using glass office partitions instead of heavy studded walls supports the aforementioned three defining characteristics of a minimalist design. But with glass partitions comes the conundrum: how do you offer privacy without using non-minimalist solutions like blinds, shades, or drapes?

Smart glass switches instantly from transparent to opaque for complete privacy, white board use, or projection—and integrates easily into almost any type of partition system or profile. It is ideal for glass conference rooms, personal offices, entrances, and waiting areas.

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An Open Atmosphere

When transparent, smart glass partitions allow spaces to feel open and fluid like regular glass, a pillar of minimalist office design. Open spaces and use of glass in offices have been shown to promote transparency, both in design and company culture. But lack of privacy can reduce productivity and make confidential moments complicated. When LCG® switchable glass is off, it is solid opaque for privacy.

Neutral Materials

Glass is the ultimate clean material being sleek, light, and, of course, transparent. Heavy drapes or even sophisticated blinds and shading systems make this neutral material less neutral. Switchable films applied directly to the glass, or laminated into glass, keep glass partitions simple. Smart Glass technology companies like Gauzy offer different types of privacy films, such as white, dark, colors, or even custom patterns, so designs can be dynamic.

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Simple Furniture and Walls

Smart Glass partitions are multifunctional: when opaque, they act as a projection surface or white board, eliminating the need for extra elements like portable boards, or expensive retractable projection screens. As stated above, Less is More in minimalist offices, but blank walls are boring and unattractive, therefore, we feel the need to hang art. Smart glass partitions are dynamic and eliminate the need, or temptation, for filler wall clutter.

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