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Curtains vs. Glass Partitions: Fighting Coronaviruses With Simpler Sterilization

Architectural and interior design plans for new commercial projects take a variety of factors into consideration. Coronaviruses, like the COVID-19 pandemic, shine a light on one of the most critical aspects for consideration: the infrastructure-based measures that support infection control to create a healthy environment. Specifying smart building materials that maintain agility, openness, and access

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minimalist office design

How Smart Glass Supports Minimalist Interior Design for Offices

What is a minimalist office and how do you design one? How can switchable smart glass be a part of it? The motto of a minimalist office decor is “Less is More”, from design (vibe, layout, furniture) to operations (paperless and system automation). Offices that fit the “minimalist interior design” trend typically have the same

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hospital room with glass window

A Healthier Solution For Hospital Room Partitions

Fabric curtain systems in healthcare facilities are designed to give patients privacy, but new studies say they may be providing much more than that. According to a research study by the University of Michigan Medical Center, fabric hospital room partitions host hazardous drug-resistant germs that can survive on bedside curtains undetected, and alive, for months

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LCG move

LCG® MOVE: The Versatility of Portable Smart Glass Privacy Partitions

Smart glass has become an effective and ideal solution for privacy, sectioning, projection, and for sanitary and comfort benefits that create a spacious environment. Many of today’s organizations have taken the steps to blend their setting with this innovative solution that leverages advanced interior design. \r\n LCG® Move, a portable smart glass solution, offers a

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lcg partition office

Smart Glass for Office Partitions

Corporations in today’s fast-paced digital world need offices that support collaboration and independence without sacrificing sophisticated design. Glass has become the go-to material for office interiors – but why?\r\n \r\n Glass partitions create a needed barrier and organization to a space, while supporting a transparent environment that encourages a certain connectedness between employees. \r\n Glass

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Switchable Privacy Glass for Hospital ICU

Gauzy’s innovative smart glass solutions made of LCG® (Liquid Crystal Glass) are used in hospitals around the world, offering sterility, privacy, reduced overhead & energy consumption. It’s an ideal curtain replacement, partition, and it is great for windows and doors. Switchable privacy glass now complements hospitals prophylactic approach to sterility, offering excellent ROI for its

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