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Smart Glass In Commercial Offices

Smart glass is paving the way for more dynamic, safer and contemporary spaces across the built environment. Join us for a series of articles where we expand on the many revolutionary ways smart glass is being used. In our last article, we looked at smart glass for skylights. In this article we look at smart

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Smart Doors – Applying Smart Glass To Interior & Exterior Doors

As Smart Glass technology expands, so do its applications. In this series of articles, we unpack the many ways this groundbreaking product enhances the spaces we spend our time most. Last time, we looked at Smart Glass Windows. In this article, we’ll explore Smart Glass Doors. Smart Glass technology (also known as switchable privacy glass)

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Premium Global Smart Glass Supplier | Gauzy

When it comes to choosing a Smart Glass supplier, there is a lot to consider; where is the company located, what’s their reputation, do they offer technical support, and product quality all come into play. Smart Glass is a long-term investment and especially in today’s uncertain market, architects, designers and those in the glass industry

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What Is Switchable Privacy Smart Glass Film?

When glass was first used for windows two thousand years ago, it presented the dilemma of how to balance privacy with the unobstructed flow of light. Solutions over the millennia have included window treatments of all types, including curtains, blinds and shutters. Now, thanks to advances in technology, Switchable Privacy Smart Glass Film is the

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Smart Glass for Bathroom Enclosures and Shower Doors

From front doors shower doors, there’s an endless amount of applications for smart glass technology. In our last article, we explored all different types of smart glass doors. In this article, we take a look at smart glass in bathroom enclosures and shower doors. What is Smart Glass? Smart glass, also known as LCG® (light

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The Evolution of Glass and Smart Home Automation in Luxury Residences

The History of Technology and Glass in Luxury Homes The term “smart home” is becoming more and more of a buzzword as home technology is incorporated into the construction of luxury homes, providing comfort, convenience, security and energy efficiency. Also called “smart home automation,” it describes a residence whose lighting, heating and air conditioning, appliances,

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3 Ways Smart Glass Can Mitigate Social Distancing

Social distancing has become a regular part of our everyday lives and the “new normal” – whether we like it or not. It affects how we interact with our friends and family, neighbors, coworkers, not to mention passerbyers on the street or in stores.   Despite being a challenge to uphold, social distancing is an essential

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