3 Ways Smart Glass Is Enhancing Home Automation

3 Ways Smart Glass Is Enhancing Home Automation

What’s the one thing every smart home owner wants? A great experience: The look, the feel, the emotion. That’s what makes a smart house a smart home. For today’s contemporary homeowner, automation is becoming a key consideration in setting the scene for a comfortable, inviting and truly personalized living space.   If you’re in the smart home automation industry, you know clients want tech savvy, smart elements in every corner of their homes. These elements should make their spaces convenient, adaptable, and efficient. Modern home design is loaded with glass – from the outside in. Have you considered all the ways glass walls, windows and partitions can play a part in the overall smart home? Advances in nanotechnology and material sciences are making this possible.  Smart Glass, also known as Switchable Glass, PDLC or LCG®, is quickly becoming a must-have option for smart home automation companies looking to offer their clients the latest innovation in building materials. Whether you’re working on making an existing home smart, or are onboard during the initial specification phase of a new construction project, there are Smart Glass films available to suit your clients’ needs. Smart Glass technology can be applied retroactively to existing glass, through retrofit options, or laminated into new glass. detials With the ability to change from transparent to varying degrees of opaque on demand, Smart Glass allows your customers’ glass to meet its full potential. It creates openness in residential interiors when shared space and the flow of light is desired, while allowing the option for privacy when needed. The benefits extend to reduced heating and cooling costs and dynamic, sleek designs.  Perhaps one of the biggest benefits for smart home automation companies is that Smart Glass can be powered by controllers compatible with Lutron. Gauzy VP of Sales Dan Schecter explained that the company’s patented controllers are compatible with Lutron switches, which are the top choice for low voltage smart homes. “Gauzy’s controllers revolutionize how easily smart home companies can integrate this technology,” he said. There’s no doubt Smart Glass technology has a lot to offer when it comes to improving the spaces where we spend most of our time. From the front door all the way through to the bathroom, here are three top choices for smart glass in the home:

1. The Front Door

Who said first impressions don’t count? The front door has become one of the most popular spots in a home for Smart Glass applications. Justin Ford, owner of smart home automation company Slate Systems explained many homes have these amazing, grand glass entryway doors but struggle to find a good way to get privacy without compromising on design and functionality. “Historically people use smart home window shades but these take time to roll up and down, while changing the overall feeling and experience. Smart glass is a really great feature to eliminate waiting for shades and giving the smart home vibe instantly,” he said.  

2. Skylights

Natural light is a sought after feature for many homeowners but the flexibility to control the amount of light that comes in can be a challenge. Skylights with LCG® Smart Glass can dim and shade, providing cooling and light control for reduced costs and more  energy efficient homes. Operated by the right home automation system, smart glass skylights can adjust automatically based on environmental factors and time of day. 

3. The Bathroom

Contemporary bathroom designs feature large windows and partitions, for a  more open space design that optimizes square feet. But in this room in particular, privacy is a nonnegotiable. One solution is to use shades, but water and moisture mean mold or damage that require frequent cleaning or replacement.  On the other hand, Smart Glass showers and smart glass bathrooms offer an automatic and long-lasting way to control glass in the bathroom for privacy when it’s needed most. Plus, switchable smart glass is easier to clean and disinfect than fabric shades, mitigating the spread of mold and bacteria (a key concern especially in today’s COVID-19 pandemic). 

These are just some of the ways Smart Glass can be used throughout the home. More and more elements of the home can be automated to think based on environmental conditions and a residents’ personal itinerary as they move throughout the day. Smart glass is one such element making a big impact on the industry, contributing to homes that are more intelligent while  improving the quality of life for residents in the process.

Make Homes Even Smarter

Do you work in smart home automation? Chat with a smart glass expert to see how smart glass can “wow” your customers and bring your company more value. 

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