Make homes even smarter with LCG® 

Residential interiors and exteriors are utilizing glass to support modern and sleek designs. LCG® smart glass is ideal for privacy in bathroom enclosures, galleries, wine cellars, and home theaters, while SPD and Solar control LC make homes more energy efficient. 

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Privacy on Demand

Allow your home to be an open haven when shared space is desired, while having the option for privacy when needed

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Dynamic Design

Let the interior design of your own home display your creativity with unpredictable design features for unique living spaces

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Temperature Control

Keep your home naturally cool with Solar Control LCG® and SPD that reflects IR heat and shades for more controlled spaces

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Mitigate heating, cooling, and lighting costs with ultra low energy consuming LCG® that helps your home be more green and sustainable

We wanted our home to be as high tech as possible. We have a lot of glass so what better way to make all of it more special than with Gauzy LCG® technology.


Questions and Answers

Gauzy indoor LCG® is ideal for bathroom enclosures, home offices, open concept lofts, microspaces, and at-home entertainment areas. Outdoor grade SPD is perfect for skylights, and solar control LCG® helps keep homes energy efficient with IR reflection. LCG® is easily integrated into almost any home partition or window profiles.

Gauzy LC films can turn from completely opaque to completely transparent and the other way around in less than 0.1 seconds

LCG® is cleaned just like any ordinary glass, with a soft cloth and glass cleaner.

Gauzy LCG® is controlled by our patented Gauzy controllers, which are connected to a switch on your wall that allows you to turn your LCG® from transparent to opaque at the push of a button